"[Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown's] writings, including the seminal books Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture (1966; Venturi) and Learning from Las Vegas (1972; Venturi, Scott Brown, and Steven Izenour), have profoundly influenced architectural thought. The built work of the firm Venturi, Scott Brown & Associates of Philadelphia has had an equally great impact. Through a commitment to a creative understanding of history and the everyday environment and to the use of visual references in the design of buildings, this firm has changed the face of modern architecture." -- Stanislaus Von Moos


This website is devoted to the work of Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown. At present, we are publishing a bibliography of writing and an abridged A to Z project list. Over the next several months, we will continue to expand the site offering more archival materials and other fun content.


VSBA, LLC is the successor of Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates Inc. For information on the work of VSBA, LLC; please click here.